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With some of the most attractive female e…. All told, over two years, probably 12, 15 times? We went to L. Was money ever a consideration? Did you ever talk to each other or spend time together without money changing hands? At the very beginning, definitely. He was very kind and supportive. He would always remind me of how lucky I was to have a wonderful family and a wonderful life, and for us to spend time together.

Do you feel that at any point your feelings went beyond that for him? Or that it was hard for you to change how you thought about it? Think about how much fun we have. The things that happen outside of scheduling time with someone is personal and has nothing to do with the agency. Obviously, if two people spend time together, there are probably occasions that work themselves… out [ laughs]. Without getting too specific, then, does sex complicate things, considering that money is changing hands?

Yes and no, I guess. I saw him, and do see him, as a very, very good friend. Do you see him as a friend, an employee, or a lover? What order would you put them in? A special friend who will always have a special place in my heart. Sometimes you have to sit down and have a big fat cup of reality. That it was more about focusing on why you wanted to hang out with this individual in the first place.

What are you doing? Did he ever mention any other details of his life beyond his job? Yeah, I would ask him sometimes. You should go on his Twitter and see some of these girls that he hangs out with. About to fly this bitch. Good times judging the model contest BodyEnglishLV. Not a bad gig. You subjected yourself to this.

I quit watching the show. But how do you think he saw you? We talked about that too. Because when you spend 48 hours with another person nonstop, you talk about everything. So I believe him. I do not want this. In September, in New York. Then we went to Vegas a few weeks later and I spent a few days with him.

Do you think your experience as a woman client was any different than a male client? Everyone has this opinion: You can just go and find any guy. It was about making me feel really, really good. You mentioned you were seeing someone else now. When did you start seeing that person? I met him at my favorite karaoke bar. This is who this person is. He stumbled upon it, being a nosy shithead. Then he looked up who Nick was. I had no intention of telling him.

Just so you know this is the only time I want to talk about this person. I did not see it as infidelity, no. We had not made a commitment to each other at that time. We bought season passes to Six Flags together. Sure, I love Nick. How can you not care about someone and have all these great adventures with them and not care about them?

Because in relationships, you get comfortable. It kept me focused and on the right path. I got all my work finished, I got all my deals closed, because I had [Nick] to look forward to. Well, I never thought of that with Nick. Do I want to continue to have this adventure? If I let that go, does that mean riding roller coasters, going to Vegas, jumping off buildings—is that all done?

Am I not just gonna have fun anymore? EJ Dickson is a writer and editor who primarily covers sex, dating, and relationships, with a special focus on the intersection of intimacy and technology. The six-part audio drama is part love triangle, part slice of life, and boldly experimental.

Some of these clients, in fact, are women. Angela name has been changed is one of them.

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The simplest pleasures in life can become the greatest memories and know no limits. What do they say about it? Send e-mail to Tripod! How many times did you see him after that? Obviously, if two people spend time together, there are probably occasions that work themselves… out [ laughs]. Was your husband like that?